We are at an inflection point as a country. So much seems uncertain as some of the most hallowed habits of our democracy are being upended. That’s why I was inspired to announce a run for Congress this summer — I saw an opportunity to advance a pragmatic, progressive vision for our community and our country.

Now more than ever, we need bold ideas for how to heal economic and social divides while reasserting strong American leadership in the world. With roots in Colorado and experience on the international stage, I sought to be a new voice for our community at this pivotal moment. This week, I decided that with Ed Perlmutter’s re-entry into the race, my own path must change, even as the mission in front of us hasn’t.
— Daniel Baer

Dan Baer stands for facts, fairness, and Colorado's bright future.


Coming home to Colorado after serving 8 years in the Obama administration, Dan is a political outsider seeking to bring energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas to the 7th Congressional district.

Dan has spent his career standing up to bullies in defense of the powerless, and he will be your tireless voice as he works for a system that fulfills the promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all

Dan believes that it's time for America to face forward with the next generation of leaders And Bold, new ideas